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If you are a Registered Nurse looking for private duty gigs and don’t want to give up a significant chunk of your hard-earned paycheck to an agency,  then

Simple and Easy can help! directly connects Care Seeking Patients with local Registered Nurses, bypassing expensive third-party agency fees and saving you the RN money.

You're now independent and in complete control of your career! 

Free of charge for a limited time!

For a limited time only and as a special incentive to launch our new site, is offering a Charter Membership FREE of CHARGE



Access to your membership profile only by paid clients of and access to the Caregiver Library containing the latest up-to-date information on:

  • HIPAA Regulations

  • Private Duty Nursing Blog 

At, your information is kept safe, secure, and confidential, and is ONLY released to the Care Seeking Clients that want to hire you. YOU control when you work, where you work, and set your

own job rate, based on what you feel your experience, skills, and talents are worth,

collecting 100% of your fees directly from your clients. will comply with all Federal and State laws and statutes.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service at

Join our community and become a member today!

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