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The founders of MD Extension, LLC, the parent company of, have devoted the past twenty years to building innovative skilled nursing service companies designed with one primary goal, helping nurses who dedicate their lives and careers to helping others.


During the US nursing shortage of 2002, they were managing members of an international nurse recruiting company operating in several Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, and Bulgaria. They screened qualified nurses and monitored all US NCLEX and immigration requirements. Nurses transitioned very well into US hospital systems taking the burden off US nurses working under difficult staffing scenarios.


In 2006 they were executive shareholders in a nurse triage business operating in seven states offering after hours telehealth triage services to primarily pediatric and family practices. The business quickly converted to a 24-hour service for physician clients. Nurses could work from home via a HIPAA compliant contact center cloud platform using doctor-approved protocols with specific addendums.


These were pre-pandemic days, yet nurses were motivated to leave stressful hospital work

environments. The company enabled nurses to continue offering immediate remote access to quality healthcare. They achieved a NC Homecare license for nursing services in 2016 recognizing that families were seeking an advanced level of care for their loved ones.


Nurses have historically been solicited by HomeCare & HealthCare companies for assessment purposes, not for private duty assignments. Under pandemic conditions, nurses were exposed to extreme conditions in the hospital and nursing home settings. The company saw the need for nurses to earn their worth thereby segueing into private duty, direct pay, and launched

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