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FAQ's for RN's

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to a private duty nurse?

Private duty nursing offers to schedule flexibility, control over compensation structure, and a low patient ratio as

one-on-one care.

What do I tell patients who ask about insurance coverage?

Private nurse care is not covered by insurance. Some long-term care policies may cover a portion of this type of care, but each patient client would need to investigate the parameters of coverage with their insurer.

Why do I need insurance?

Malpractice insurance protects your professional license, safeguards your assets and career. Professional Liability coverage is very affordable and can include Information Privacy Coverage (HIPAA), Assault Coverage, License Protection, Defense Attorney Coverage and more. It is imperative that the nurse carries coverage to protect their license to practice their means of support.

Can I act as a nurse advocate in other settings than the home?

Yes. PNG encourages nurses to act as advocates in other settings, sitting bedside for a hospital or rehabilitation stay for better outcomes and oversight or accompanying patients to physician appointments for clearer interpretation to family members. And nurses can commit to patients having out of town elective surgeries such as plastic or orthopedic surgery. Remote disease treatments may require an onsite oncology nurse or other specialized nurse. 

Where can I find HIPAA requirements?  or  1-800-368-1019

How does this work?

If you are interested in working private duty nurse shifts, go to and register. Patients requiring care in your area will send you a message describing their needs and you make the decision to contact them and share your contact and clinical experience with them. PNG does not reveal your information to any client for security reasons. 

Can I accept cash as payment?

The nurse can accept any agreed-upon form of payment. It is suggested that the nurse communicates with their accountant to track

cash payments properly.

Are there paid holidays
or PTO?

As an independent contractor, the nurse negotiates rates with the patient/client for holiday pay differential and other arrangements for time off. All elements of the pay structure are private information between the nurse and the client.

What do I do in the event of a non-life threatening emergency?

The nurse must readily identify and respond to all medical emergencies utilizing critical thinking skills and patient condition to triage the situation and escalate to the appropriate level of care. 

What is my scope of practice?

As a Registered Nurse in good standing, you would follow the practices as described in each state Board of Nursing Nurse Practice Act (NPA).  This information can be found at for nurses licensed in North Carolina.

Are supplies provided by

As an independent nurse contractor, each nurse will be responsible for providing supplies or require patient to have supplies on hand. does not provide supplies.

How do I get a release of information to communicate with the physician provider?

The nurse can communicate with the treating physician to request a HIPAA compliant medical release form to be put on file in order to access relevant information to care for the patient.

If I need to call out sick, what do I do?

The nurse must create contingency plans in the event that they cannot keep their appointment. This could be due to illness, family emergency or weather. This should be addressed in initial patient assessment. It is the responsibility of the nurse and client to have a backup plan. PNG suggests having a 2nd and 3rd tier nurse through PNG as alternate nurses.

Who can I contact with questions?

Please send inquiries to

A team member will respond quickly to your message.

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