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FAQ's for Care Seekers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a private duty nurse?

 A private duty nurse will provide one-on-one care after your surgery or hospitalization and assist you with preventative care or ongoing support for a chronic condition. Having experienced clinical oversite is imperative to the healing process and relieves some of the anxiety of family members.

How can I find a private nurse to help care for my loved ones or me?

Many people don’t realize they can hire a registered nurse outside a hospital, surgical center, or doctor’s office. The best way to hire a private nurse directly is through Register your needs at

How do I check if my nurse has a license in good standing?

It is suggested that all patients perform due diligence on their nurse selected by going to the state Board of Nursing. For North Carolina nurses go to Every nurse's license can be verified and checked for any infractions.

How do I pay for the service?

You pay the agreed-upon fee and method, ie: credit card, check, zelle, etc., directly to your nurse.

What does a private
nurse do?

A private duty nurse follows all professional standards and practices within the scope of the Nurse Practice Act in the care of their patients. They provide safe care to you and your loved ones and can offer the following additional support.


  • Educate patients, family members, and other caregivers

  • Answer questions

  • Listen to fears and concerns

  • Reassure you after diagnosis or treatment

  • Assist after a surgical procedure or hospitalization

  • Assist with personal care

  • Medication administration

  • Dressing changes

  • Observe for signs and symptoms of worsening conditions

What are some questions I should ask a potential private duty nurse in the due diligence process?

  1. What are your credentials, and how long have you cared for patients?

  2. Do you carry professional liability insurance?

  3. Can you provide a background check and references?

  4. How long is the average visit with your patient and what does this care encompass – advocacy, in-person visits, virtual consults, follow ups, reviewing concerns, emails, etc. 

  5. What is your hourly rate and do you charge for various options?

  6. Do you have any specialty certifications like orthopedics, hospice, stroke, critical care, or others? 

  7. Are there any other things you would like prospective patients to know about you?

Is private nurse care covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, private-duty nurse care is not covered by insurance.

Can I hire a private nurse if I have hospice, home health or caregivers?

Will a private duty nurse communicate with my doctor?

They can communicate with your primary care doctor or specialists treating the patient and collaborate with other healthcare providers such as nutritionists, therapists, and others to reach optimal

healthcare goals.

What happens if my nurse is sick or unable to work the shift?

All interactions after hire will be between the nurse and client. If the nurse is sick, they will communicate with the patient or family member that they are unable to provide the service. This may occur for other reasons too – inclement weather, family emergency etc. In these cases, PNG will suggest to client upon membership to interview more than one nurse for their needs. In addition, the nurse can devise a back-up plan with family members or network with other members in the PNG community to cover the shift. PNG can assist in finding another nurse in the patient location.

Can I utilize a private nurse in another setting other than in-home care?

Private duty nurses can act as your advocate in a hospital or assisted living setting. They can also accompany you for out of town surgery or other travel needs. Nurses can be available for one-time visits or ongoing care for chronic conditions or eldercare.

Patients would submit this information in their needs profile. 

Who can I contact with questions?

Please send inquiries to

A team member will respond quickly to your message.

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